Your Patient Journey Starts Here.

At KAST Aesthetics we pride ourselves on providing the very best customer service and patient care throughout your treatment journey. This means that from the moment you contact us, you will be greeted with the warm welcome synonymous with the KAST brand in addition to expert advice.

Patient led, holistic approach to treatment

Our highly skilled and attentive team of practitioners will walk you through every step of your journey with us, providing a customised service and reassurance over any concerns you may have; they are sure to make you feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed.

You will be guided through our consultation process where your treatment aspirations are acknowledged and suitable treatments are recommended based on our patient led holistic approach to treatment, expert advice, along with the latest treatment procedures and technologies.

We believe that a patient led approach gives the best possible treatment results as well as providing opportunity to further educate patients on how to enhance natural beauty, boost confidence, prevent signs of ageing and discuss treatment suitability. We believe in giving our patients our undivided attention to discuss skin care goals and answer any questions regarding the process.

The Consultation.

Booking a consultation couldn’t be easier and starting your journey with us couldn’t be easier:

Step 1 – Get in touch

  • Whether online, via email, on the telephone, in person or via social media, we will always endeavour to answer your initial enquiry with the best advice as soon as we can.

Step 2 – Book an appointment

  • Once you are ready to proceed, one of our team will make an appointment for you.
  • We will need to obtain some initial information about your concern so that we can book you in with a suitable practitioner and allocate the correct amount of time for your booking.
  • So that you receive confirmations, reminders and birthday treat, we will also require some personal details such as date of birth, contact telephone number and e-mail.
  • Virtual consultations are also available – Speak with a KAST member from the comfort of your own home with our virtual consultations. Discuss treatment options, craft a bespoke treatment plan and understand pricing all before making the journey into clinic.
  • We do not charge for consultations (however, initial consultations require a holding fee which is totally redeemable against products and services.
  • Once the booking is made you will receive a confirmation e- mail and you can also expect a text reminder 48 hours before you visit us.
  • If you are unable to make the appointment, please do let us know as treatment time is valuable and if you cannot make it, someone else could take advantage of that time. You may also lose your holding fee.

Step 3 – Attend for a consultation

  • Our qualified team will listen to you and discuss your concerns and what you want to achieve before giving advice and making recommendations. All treatment programmes are customised to your specific needs, timeline and budget.

Step 4 – Begin treatment / Start your journey to skin health

Step 5 – Maintenance and reviews

Book now to start your journey. Skin health is a life-long commitment.

What you can expect from your consultation

Your medical history will be taken and discussed.

  1. A full medical history is obtained to ensure your safety and that we only recommend the most appropriate and efficacious treatment plans to reflect your needs and budget. Consent for treatments and the application of prescription products will also be sought.
  2. This will also allow us to continually customize treatments to your individual needs, especially if there are any medical issues or allergies that require restriction of or modification to products and treatments.
  3. Ascertaining this information is a key part of your treatment journey with us, and helps us deliver the most efficacious treatment programmes for you.

The Consultation:

  • The reason for your visit will be established (Wrinkles, Acne, Pigmentation, Rosacea, preparation for an upcoming event, etc.)
  • We will discuss your current home care products and routine with you (this should include a cleanser and SPF as a minimum).
  • Your skin will then be analysed by a state-of-the-art skin imaging system called the observe 520 which looks at all the layers of your skin and provides a detailed complexion analysis.
  • We will discuss our findings with you in great detail to ensure that we find the best way to meet your treatment objectives.
  • We will then devise and agree a totally customisable treatment plan with you. We may even suggest solutions that you have not previously considered to achieve your aims. 
  • At all stages, we guide you through your patient journey and your safety and well-being are our primary concern.
  • We will also talk to you realistically about the benefits and likely outcomes of your treatment and discuss any possible side effects and downtime involved.
  • As what we do in clinic is only part of your treatment programme, we look holistically at the best way to reach and maintain your treatment objectives, providing advice on home care.

Our Treatment Plans

All of our treatment plans are:

  • Fully customisable and designed to suit all budgets.
  • Managed and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure compliance and maximise results.
  • Include complementary skin scans.

Please note:

Pictures will be taken for your patient record (Before/After) which will help track progress. Pictures will not be shared unless authorized by you.  Photos are strictly for your benefits.

FAQs regarding appointments
  • Yes, we do. We can arrange a payment plan with Go Cardless
  • Did you have a particular budget in mind?

No. whilst deposits are non- refundable, you will not lose your deposit provided 48hrs notice is given in the case of cancellations and rescheduling of appointments – credit.

  • For skin treatments, patients need to be a minimum of 12 years of age. All minors require parental consent and must attend with an appropriate adult.
  • For laser and light therapies, patients must be a minimum of 16 years of age and require parental consent. They must attend with an appropriate adult.
  • For all injectables treatments, all patients must be a minimum of 18 years of age as set out in the Children’s Act of 1989.
  • In the case of all injectable treatments, we do not carry out treatments on the same day as your preliminary consultation.
  • In the case of skin treatments, you may have treatment on the same day.

No, we cannot guarantee results of treatment as no two skins are the same and will react to treatment in a different way.

Book a consultation with a member of our team today to learn how we could enhance and rejuvenate your natural beauty.

All treatments are subject to a satisfactory consultation. Terms and Conditions apply.

Book a consultation here for the National Medical Weight Loss Programme

All treatments are subject to a satisfactory consultation. Terms and Conditions apply.