Injection Lipolysis

What is injection lipolysis?

Injection lipolysis has become increasingly popular in Europe in the last decade. It entered the UK market a few years ago and took it by storm. 

It is one of the most popular treatments for aesthetics salons and one of the most desirable courses for aspiring aesthetics practitioners. It is recommended to clients who want to target stubborn, unwanted fat in areas such as the chin, stomach, hips, legs or back. It is a straightforward procedure that does not require a local anaesthetic and offers amazing results without extensive downtime. The affordable treatment price is another argument in favour of injection lipolysis versus surgical liposuction.

How does lipolysis work and what are the side effects?

The products used for these injections contain an active ingredient that enters the body and targets the fat cells, bursts them, breaks them down and expels them through the lymphatic system.

The procedure can be moderately painless or completely painless depending on the product used by the practitioner and the patient’s pain threshold.
After the treatment, the skin may appear swollen and slightly bruised. Some clients report itchiness which tends to disappear after a few hours. It is possible for minor hematomas to appear but they should not cause alarm and also disappear within a matter of days.

Treatment price list

Lipolysis – Liquid injection fat dissolving treatment:
x1 £250
X3 £650

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