Private Dermatology Clinic in Sandbach, Cheshire at KAST Medical Aesthetics

KAST’s Mole Mapping and Skin Cancer Clinic in Sandbach, Cheshire

At KAST Medical Aesthetics, we’re introducing something beyond the usual – our Mole Mapping and Skin Cancer Clinic in Sandbach, Cheshire. Under the expertise of Alison Mahon, our focus is on practical skin health, including meticulous mole mapping, assessments for potential malignancies, and expert care that encompasses skin cancer vigilance.

Mapping the Unseen: Mole Mapping for Skin cancer Early Detection

Start with something straightforward – our Mole Mapping service. This involves carefully examining and mapping moles across your body, creating a visual record to keep track of any changes over time. We aim for early detection, making mole mapping a crucial step in achieving that.

Assessing Moles: A Vigilant Approach to Skin Cancer Prevention

When it comes to skin health, assessing moles is crucial, especially concerning potential skin cancer risks. Alison Mahon, our Dermatology MSc Advanced Nurse Practitioner, draws on 15 years of experience to conduct thorough evaluations for signs of malignancy. Our goal is early detection, allowing for timely intervention if needed.

Skin Cancer Awareness: Your Skin’s Safeguard

Recognising the significance of skin cancer awareness, we are dedicated to providing expert assessments, early detection strategies, and a comprehensive care pathway. Your well-being is our priority, and we’re committed to ensuring your skin remains healthy and radiant.

Meet Alison Mahon: Our Dermatology Expert

Leading our Skin Cancer Clinic is Alison Mahon, a seasoned professional with extensive experience in dermatological care. Her role as an honorary lecturer at Edge Hill University and active participation in prestigious associations, including the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses and the British Dermatology Nursing group, highlights her commitment to excellence.

Expertise in Dermatological Care: Precision in Every Procedure

Alison’s proficiency extends to dermatological surgery, where she excels in removing both malignant and benign skin lesions. Techniques such as excision, shave excision, curette, cryotherapy, and lesion testing with punch biopsy are employed with precision, ensuring your skin is in capable hands.

Dermatology Clinic Price List: Transparent and Tailored to Your Needs

Our Dermatology Clinic offers transparent pricing tailored to your unique needs:

– Full consultation & assessment: £175

– Surgery with histology: Starting from £375

– Surgery without histology: Starting from £250

– Cryotherapy: £85 per lesion, £35 per lesion thereafter.

Exact costings will be discussed during the consultation, accounting for factors such as size, severity, and the number of lesions.

Your Ally in Skin Health

Your journey towards healthier skin starts at KAST’s Mole Mapping and Skin Cancer Clinic. Contact us to book a consultation today, and let us be your ally in putting your skin first. With KAST, you have dedicated professionals committed to safeguarding your skin’s vitality and radiance.