What is Micro-sclerotherapy?

Thread veins can be treated with Injection micro-sclerotherapy which involves injecting a chemical substance called “sclerosant” using fine needles. The sclerosant irritates the inner wall of the veins and causes them to become inflamed; the vein walls then stick together and the vein disappears.

What causes thread veins?

Thread veins are common in those who are stood up or on their feet a lot, for example nurses, teachers, factory workers, and hairdressers. They occur because of small malfunctions in the valves of your veins that may prevent blood from flowing normally.

If these valves don’t close correctly when blood is being pumped, blood can leak back into the vein and become more visible over time.

This is why they’re extremely common in the legs, because the blood cannot be moved against gravity and back up to the heart.

Micro-sclerotherapy in Sandbach, Cheshire at KAST Medical Aesthetics

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Micro Sclerotherapy

Initial Single leg


Micro Sclerotherapy

Initial Both Legs


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Single leg


*Additional treatments (If required)

Both Legs



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