Specialist physiotherapy services for women with Vicky

At KAST Medical Aesthetics, we appreciate that women have to deal with a range of issues throughout their lives. However, whilst such issues associated with life events such as pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood, ageing and the menopause may be common place, at KAST Medical Aesthetics, we believe that they need not be accepted as the norm and should not impact a woman’s life in a negative way.

We offer a specialist physiotherapy service for women experiencing a diverse range of problems associated with:

  • back and or pelvic pain
  • abdominal muscle separation
  • perineal tear involving the anal sphincter flatal and faecal urgency and incontinence
  • bladder dysfunction
  • prolapse
  • urine incontinence

What you can expect at KAST Medical Aesthetics

  • A CQC registered clinic
  • Physiotherapy services for women by a registered physiotherapist who is member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
  • No waiting list
  • An appointment time that suits you
  • An affordable, prompt, flexible, and safe women’s physiotherapy service that is highly effective in the management of common problems that affect the quality of daily life of so many women.
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All treatments are subject to a satisfactory consultation. Terms and Conditions apply.