KAST Aesthetics training academy in Cheshire

KAST Aesthetics Training Academy: Where Expertise Meets Passion in Aesthetic Education

Amid the cobblestone streets and historical charm of Sandbach, Cheshire, stands the modern edifice of KAST Medical Aesthetics. Not only does it symbolise the cutting-edge advancements in the world of aesthetics, but it also embodies a commitment to education, integrity, and excellence.

The KAST Medical Aesthetics Journey

The foundation of KAST was laid on recognising the dire need for standardising non-medical aesthetic treatments. In an industry where a plethora of treatments are offered by Level 3 therapists or beginners, the importance of structured, accredited, and in-depth training cannot be stressed enough. At its core, KAST represents a paradigm shift towards elevating industry standards and ensuring every practitioner is equipped, skilled, and ethical.

Why Train with KAST Aesthetics Training Academy?

Selecting a training institution is crucial. It shapes your skills, perspectives, and career trajectory. KAST Aesthetics Academy distinguishes itself with several unique attributes:

Holistic Curriculum:

Beyond the procedural knowledge, KAST emphasises understanding the science and rationale behind treatments.

Global Recognition:

Accredited courses with international repute ensure that your skills are recognised and respected everywhere.

Blended Learning:

The combination of theory, practical sessions, and hands-on clinical experience makes learning truly immersive.


Tutors at KAST are seasoned professionals who bring a wealth of experience, insights, and current industry practices.

Unveiling the KAST Training Portfolio

A diverse range of courses awaits aspiring aesthetic professionals. Here’s a closer look at their comprehensive course offerings:

Chemical Skin Peeling Course (£650 plus VAT)

Relevance in Today’s Aesthetics World: Chemical skin peels have seen an impressive surge, becoming the third most popular non-invasive procedure. Given the results in addressing ageing concerns, pigmentation, and acne, the demand is only expected to grow.

Course Insights: Beyond the procedural steps, delve deep into the history, science, mechanism of action, and the anatomy of the skin. Understand wound healing, various peeling agents, the benefits/effects of the procedure, consultation techniques, health, safety, and governance.

Find out more about our Chemical Skin Peeling Course here

Medical Micro Needling Course (£650 plus VAT)

Contemporary Significance: While skin needling has historical roots, its effectiveness in addressing ageing signs, acne scars, and pigmentation has made it an enduring favourite.

Course Specifics: The curriculum spans across the history and science of needling, wound healing responses, methods of application, benefits, indications, contra-indications, and more.

Find out more about our Microneedling Course here

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Course (£650 plus VAT)

Modern-day Importance: As non-invasive treatments gain traction, radio frequency for facial skin tightening emerges as a frontrunner. Its ability to stimulate collagen production sets it apart.

What to Expect: Learn about the science, mechanisms, methods, skin anatomy, indications, benefits, and the all-important practical techniques.

Find out more about our Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Course here

LED – Light Therapy Course (£450 plus VAT)

Why It Matters: LED therapy is one of the most adaptive treatments available to skincare professionals. Its versatility makes it an essential skill.

Course Highlights: The program covers the history and science of LED therapy, its mechanisms, applications, indications, benefits, and hands-on training.

Find out more about our LED Light Therapy Course here

Dermaplaning Course (£450 plus VAT)

Current Relevance: With minimal contra-indications and a plethora of benefits, dermaplaning is a must-know procedure for any aesthetics practitioner.

Course Structure: Gain insights into the history, mechanisms, methods, benefits, indications, and practical aspects of dermaplaning.

Find out more about our Dermaplaning course here

Are you interested in our Aesthetics Training Academy?

KAST Aesthetics Training Academy doesn’t merely offer courses; it offers a vision of the future of aesthetic care. With a curriculum that’s rigorous, comprehensive, and current, KAST positions itself as a bastion of excellence in aesthetic education. Those aspiring to be at the forefront of aesthetic treatments should look no further than Sandbach, Cheshire, where the future of aesthetic education is being shaped, one course at a time.

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